Welcome to LWES!

Learning Wings Education Systems (LWES) is a global organization devoted to high-quality education that meets the demands of parents, students and education providers the world over. It is also a leading provider of school management services and works closely with schools to raise student achievements. Its schools – Cambridge International Schools – spread across North India are showing children the process of realizing their potential.

Every parent has a dream. Every child grows up with a dream in his/her eyes. At Learning Wings, we value and respect these dreams. Hence, we ensure that all our schools have the right kind of environment and education systems to help children realize their dreams. We begin working with children right from their formative years. Our extremely friendly kindergarten teachers ensure that young children learn the right things. And as these children grow, we teach them how to become aware of their interests, goals and potential. We have some of the best career counselors in the country who guide children with career planning. And encourage them to dream, dare and do.